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A-Level Maths Edexcel IAL 2014-Onwards Past Exam Papers & Mark Schemes

Looking for A-Level Maths IAL Past Exam Papers by Edexcel? Then you've come to the right place.

Below are A-Level Maths IAL Past Exam Papers from Edexcel containing hundreds of questions for you to practice with. Click on the module button to download the practice papers and mark schemes.

A-Level Maths Edexcel IAL Papers - Modules (2014 - Onwards)


Differentiation & Integration (stationary points & their nature, modelling), Geometric & Arithmetic Sequences, Sectors. Trigonometry, Logs, Cubics (factor theorem and polynomial division), Coordinate Geometry, Circles, Transformations of Functions, Binomial Expansion.

IAL - C34

Further Differentiation & Integration, Parametric Equations (calculus, finding Cartesian, etc.). Further Trigonometry (double angle, harmonic from etc.), Functions, Further Binomial Expansion, Partial fractions and Algebraic Fraction Manipulation, e and ln (calculus, rates&modelling), Numerical Methods (iterations, trapezium rule), Vectors (questions involving 3D lines no longer relevant, check spec)

IAL - M1

Forces & Friction incl. Slopes & Connected Particles, Projectiles with Constant Acceleration Incl. Vectors, Moments, Velocity-Time Graphs, Momentum

IAL - M2

Projectiles with Variable Acceleration With Angles, Ladders & Hinges, Variable Acceleration incl. Vectors, Work & Energy, Laminae, Further Momentum


Mean & S.D., Median, Quartiles & Interpolation, Probability (trees&Venn diagrams), Normal Distribution, Regression & PMCC. Discrete Random Variable (E(X), Var(X), etc)


Normal Distribution incl. approximations, Binomial Distribution incl. Hypothesis Testing. PDF's and CDF's, Poisson Distribution, Continuous Random Variable