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A-Level Maths OCR NEW Specification Exam Papers 2018-Onwards

Here you can find the new specification AS and A-Level Pure and Applied Maths Sample Papers for 2018 onwards. This section will be regularly updated with the newest papers.

Want more practice exam questions for 2018/19? Click on the Modules buttons below for 100s of practice questions.

OCR Papers - Modules (2012-2018)

These papers contain hundreds of questions related to the new 2019 A-Level.

Differentiation & Integration, Quadratics, Algebraic Manipulation, Co-ordinate Geometry, Circles, Transformations of Functions

Further Differentiation (stationary points, tangents&normals), Further Integration (area under curve, finding y=f(x)), Trapezium Rule, Trigonometry, Logs, Binomial Expansion, Geometric & Arithmetic Sequences, Cubics, Factor Theorem, Polynomial Division

Further Differentiation (chain rule, product rule, quotient rule), Further Integration (area under curve, finding y=f(x)), Further Trigonometry (double angle, harmonic form, etc.), Transformations of functions with graphs, Inverse and Composite Functions, Solving and sketching Modulus Functions, ln and e, Iterations to find roots

Further Integration (by parts, substitution, partial fractions, rates of change and solving differential equations), Parametric Equations (differentiation, finding Cartesian, etc.). Further Binomial Expansion, Polynomial Division, Partial fractions and Algebraic Fraction Manipulation, Vectors (questions involving 3D lines no longer relevant, check spec)

Forces & Friction (resolving forces. slopes, pulleys&connected Particles),  Projectiles with Constant Acceleration (equations of motion, suvat), Moments (no ladders), Variable Acceleration (v = ds/dt, etc.), Velocity-Time Graphs, Momentum

Ladders (moments&forces), Projectiles at angles, Power, Work, Kinetic Energy Laminae, 

Mean & S.D., Median, Quartiles & Interpolation, Discrete Random Variable (E(X)&Var(X)),  Probability (trees&Venn diagrams), Regression & PMCC, Binomial Distribution, Geometric Distribution, , Spearman's Rank, Permutations & Combinations

Normal Distribution. Binomial Distribution (approximations), Poisson Distribution, Hypothesis Testing (binomial&normal with sample mean, Poisson), Continuous Random Variable